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Giabiani Cafe

Be welcomed and embraced; when you step into Gabbiani you are entering a modern kitchen serving authentic, flavoursome foods from our table to yours. Come in for a coffee, dive in for an aperitif or a meal- Gabbiani is the perfect place to meet friends and family. It’s authentic, it’s relaxed, it’s your invitation to dive in. 

Open from 9am Monday – Sunday.

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                                                        MONTHLY SPECIAL


Seafood Chowder

snapper, prawns and mussels in a creamy sauce with carrot, celery and potato served in a crusty cop loaf

$25 | $28.80

member’s price | non member’s price

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                                                        Weekly SPECIALs


Monday Night | 2 x $25

add chips for $2.50 each

Your choice of: 

  • Cheeseburger
  • Chicken Schnitzel Burger
  • Steak Sandwich
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Wednesday Night | 2 x Pizza or Pasta 

$40 member’s

Pizza & Pasta 2